PODCAST Lynda MacCallum on Multiple Sclerosis, horse therapy and burning the candle at both ends


Life on the Land

“Many of us spend our days hooning from one task to the next whilst frantically keeping all the balls in the air, career, family, animals, properties and ageing parents. We tend to take our health for granted until one day, for some, there comes a diagnosis which leaves us little room for complacency.

May is the month for The May 50K raising vital funds for vital research for Multiple Sclerosis. There are more than 25,000 Australians living with MS and today’s guest, Lynda MacCallum is one of them.

Lynda is up at dawn most days alongside her husband Jim, training their homebred quarter horses for the next bug Cutting event while running 400 head of beef cattle on their property near Walcha in the cool New England hills in northern New South Wales.

Horses are medicine to Lynda and have been an integral part of her therapy since her MS diagnosis in 2018. But long before the appointments, the scans and the Neurologists, horses were interwoven in the fabric of Lynda’s life.”

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