Work With Me

I’m Lynda and I’m a soul led mindset, health and wellbeing coach. I am deeply passionate about helping people live happy, healthy, fully expressed lives. I’m here to help and guide you to show up and get back into the arena, whether that arena is the performance horse arena, the gym, back on the health train or just get back into the arena of life.


All our programs are designed to suit your personal goals and are tailored for every level of riding, from beginner to advanced. We believe no dream is too big and our goal is to support you through this process.

Current Mentorship Programs are at capacity. Second intake will begin in 2024 with exciting new programs. 

Public Speaking

I believe there is true power and healing in the connection that comes from sharing our story. This journey has taught me that being brave and vulnerable can inspire others to face adversity in their own lives with a resilient mindset and feel empowered to show up and do the work. Presentations can be designed to suit your target audience and may include, but is not limited to the following key topics;

  1. My MS Journey and the principles and practices I have incorporated into my life to achieve truly remarkable health results.
  2. The mindset behind my success story at the 2018 Futurity, only 3 weeks after being told I would never ride again.
  3. The framework behind my Performance Mindset and Health Journey

Book An Appointment Package

Choose between a cutting lesson bundle or our two types of Mentorship Programs. The Plus package includes lessons on cattle at our property located at Woolbrook, NSW. Please contact us to enquire about our services.