PODCAST Lynda MacCallum – a Champion living with MS


Life Journey TV with Kelly Shann

‘An impressive human being’, ‘an incredibly positive, loving vibe’ – these are just some of the words others use to describe my guest this week.

Lynda McCallum’s brave story has touched many who know her and I am humbled she has allowed me to share her journey here.

Following her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and with the understanding and support of her husband Jim, Lynda competed in the 2018 NCHA Cutting Futurity placing second in Australia’s largest Cutting event (for those of you who don’t know about cutting horses, it’s a pretty big deal!).

In our interview, we chat  about the tools she used to put herself in that winning mindset when everything seemed to be against her.  Her tenacity and motivation can be applied to anyone wanting to excel in whatever endeavor they set their mind to.

Then we delve into what its like living with MS, her fears and let-downs along with some remarkable coincidences and her hopes for the future.

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