Jim tells the XV Brand Story..

The MacCallum Performance brand, or XV as we call it, was given to us by my parents when we moved to Walcha and commenced our horse and cattle operation on our own. The brand was inherited by my parents from my mothers’ side when they first purchased country upon getting married.

Further back however, it belonged to my mothers’ Uncle, Eric Joseph Garland, who was a proud member of the Australian Light horse.

Eric by all accounts, was a bit of a goer. He was an amateur jockey about the bush, a quality stockman who, along with his brother purchased the property “Coonabar”. This property is situated directly below the Barrington Tops dingo gate, in the Upper Hunter Valley of NSW. They paid for this property by selling rabbit skins. It was incredibly steep, so steep in fact, my grandfather once told me “You could see where your horse was each morning, through the chimney when you lit the fire”.

Eric never married and was diagnosed with Lymphoma in his early forties. A few years later, my mother was born, and my grandmother also became very ill. Eric, although in ill health, looked after my mum as a baby until my grandma was better.

Eric passed away at the age of forty-three, before my mum was one year old. Eric loved my mother dearly and described her as his little angel, and he wanted my mother to have his brand when she was old enough and hence the XV has been passed on to us.

Recently Yellowstone made its’ brand famous and showed how with it, you become a part of something bigger, and what it means to ride for a brand.

All my life as an agent, I have looked at brands not only as identifiers, but to see the connection to families. A brand is a symbol. A mark, but for us it is so much more. To us this brand symbolises our heritage, passion, hard work, legacy, mystery, and authenticity. Behind it there lies a story that will unfold with time.

At a recent cutting show, my mum watched Peter and Olivia compete and said she felt so emotional when on a horse being ridden by her granddaughter, she saw the XV. Her past and her future and the XV legacy all right there in front of her.

At MacCallum Performance we ride for this brand, the XV.

May its legacy continue to unfold, build, and inspire.

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